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IW Friends

Say Hi! to our new friends. They help us advocate what we do at ImagineWorks.


MIKE (/maɪk/)

the imaginative polar bear


LEO (/ˈliː.oʊ/)

the engineering lion

Bio: Mike is an artist and designer who likes captivating everything he sees and hopes to find friends that can help him find solutions to the environmental problems the world faces today.

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Favorite Food: Vanilla Shave Ice

Bio: Leo is an engineer, inventor, and scientist. He loves learning about everything about the world around him and making new things that amuse everyone. 

Favorite Hobby: Taking things apart and trying to put them back together

Favorite Food: Donuts

Bio: Mimi & Nu are inseparatable twin sugar gliders. They are little in size but together nothing is too big to accomplish or try. Mimi (Left) is the older sister who is energetic, courageous, and has a big ambition to try everything! She hopes to encourage more girls to be out going and passionate about S.T.E.M. and making things. Nu (Right) is the shy and scaredy cat younger brother. Nu is very cautious and careful but very kind hearted and always concerned about the safety of others.  

Favorite Hobby: Watching planes fly & amusement park rides

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Jelly


MIMI (/mimi/) & NU (/nuː/) 

the twin sugar gliders

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