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Mobile Maker Space Project

MakeMobile /meɪkˈmoʊ·bil/

A mobile faciltiy featuring 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC laser cutters, and more. Students will be able to learn in an inspiring classroom environment filled with modern technologies. The mobility allows us to impact our community largely and more efficiently.


Current Location

Kalani High School

We are currently working closely with the students and staff of Kalani High School for the duration of the retrofitting process to our Mobile Maker Space. Thank you to Kalani High School administration for providing the space and support in exchange for providing unique opportunities for the High School students.





Maker Academy (Open to Public)

A 5 - day robotics academy giving students, grades 6 - 8, an opportunity to explore using fabrication technologies to bring ideas to life.


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What is a maker space?

A Maker-Space is an environment providing essential tools, equipment, and knowledge for educational opportunities. It allows for rapid design, prototyping, and manufacturing of an idea or concept using Computer-Aided Design, 3-D printers, and other fabrication machines.


Common Maker Space Equipment:

3D Printer: 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Most commonly a plastic filament is used for the 3D printing process. The plastic is extruded from a nozzle controlled by a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software moving the nozzle in horizontal and vertical directions assembling your 3D designed work.

Laser Engraver/Cutter: A laser engraver/cutter can be uses a laser controlled by a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to engrave or cut various materials. 

Why Mobile?

We provide the environment, equipment, educators, and professional technicians for students to fully benefit from our program utilizing modern educational technologies like 3D printers, Laser Cutters, and more.. The mobility of our environment allows us to impact our community more broadly. We may partner with schools to provide courses that compliments a variety of subjects like science, English, and social studies; offer one week courses for the general public not restrictive to one school or institution; and you may find us at community events inspiring our youth with hands on demonstrations and activities. By consolidating resources like professional knowledgeable staff, curriculum, and equipment we can more effectively impact our communities youth.

School Programs


General Public Academies

Events and Demonstrations

Worlds first off-grid mobile maker space

MakeMobile features a complete off-grid technology. The entire facility and equipment is powered by a fully self-sustaining closed system. We make this possible by utilizing renewable energy technology like photovoltaic, harnessing the power of the sun, and wind turbines, utilizing the wind. Just in case we also have a back up propane generator when we do not get enough sun or wind. The excess energy is also stored in a battery bank providing a stable supply of electricity regardless of weather conditions both day and night. 


We are confident that the Mobile Maker Space will more effectively expose students to new technologies and thinking processes desired in modern education. Given these learning tools students will be able to find solutions to the growing problems the world faces today and prepare them for the unknown challenges ahead. We need your help improve our facility.



MakeMobile Renovations 



funded of $100,000 goal






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MMS Wish List

MMS To-Do List

Project Update

Ready for Retrofitting

Thanks to eCool Hawaii LLC we currently have a 40-ft shipping container and trailer ready for retrofitting. Additionally the container has a 4kW solar panel system mounted on the roof of the container to power everything inside. The container also features collapsible walls to provide additional work space.



Late Nights

Thanks to ImagineBots LLC they've donated and installed LED lighting inside the container. The LEDs are controlled also by a motion sensor to not waste any electricity when the space is not in use. 



Ready for Batteries

We removed a shelf from the area where the old broken (now recycled) batteries were. We are ready for new batteries to be installed this week, the new batteries required addtional height space to fit there high profile. The now removed shelf was a solid steel board welded on to the container so it took some physical labor to cut it off.



Batteries are charging!

Thanks to the hard work of Battery Bill's LLC we were successfully able to install our new Aquion Salt Water Batteries. We are now completely off-grid powered by our Photovoltaic system. We hope to add in the future a mini wind turbine to make MMS into a hybrid renewable energy charging system.



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